May 30, 2011

Robot Film Festival

logo for the robot film festival
The slow steady takeover of all humanity by robots continues apace. They're all over outer space, becoming an ever bigger part of medicine, they're rocking the dance floor from one end of Japan to the other, and now they're getting their own film festival.

The Robot Film Festival is the brainchild of roboticist Heather Knight (who also has one of the coolest website names ever, Marilyn Monrobot dot com). The festival (which will be held July 16th & 17th in New York City) is still looking for submissions. Got a bot that dreams of being the next Clark Gable (or better yet, the first Calculon)? Submit a film! The films should be between 1 and 8 minutes long, and should feature a robot as one of the main characters or as a framing devices of the narrative.

You don't need to use a real robot, but you'll need to be able to attend the event with, or as, your robot if you want to take part in the Festival's red carpet award ceremony, known as the Botskers.

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