April 16, 2011

The Big Lebowsky Monopoly

card from Big Lebowsky Monopoly

Of course the original Monopoly game is still the best. But the knock-off and themed versions (The Simpsons, The Beatles, City of London, etc.) are always worth a smile.

I don't know exactly who the guy behind www.samzo.org is, but it is just so bad-ass that he's designed a Monopoly set based on the movie The Big Lebowsky. Go to the site to print out Lebowsky-themed cards and board.

Do not pass go! Do not Abide!

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August 16, 2008


Fruit ball

With the Olympics in full swing, Americans are once again being exposed to dozens of sports that are completely new and alien to them. While some Americans actually get excited by this (there's a small uptick in membership in things like archery and fencing clubs in the US after each Olympics) by and large many sports stay obscure decade after decade.

Maybe these sports lack that certain something that will enable them to catch fire in the US. But maybe you have the perfect idea for the great American sport? Now's your chance!

Over at Instructibles, clothing maker Horny Toad is running an Invent-A-Sport contest. First prize wins a bunch of clothes, but that's nothing compared to the eternal glory of inventing the next Fruit Ball (pictured), Pyro BBQ, or Hedge Jumping.


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