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April 16, 2011

WANTED: Pilot-Astronauts

rocket as depicted on some old pulp sci-fi book

Regular passenger flights to space are one step closer, with Virgin Galactic's announcement that they're hiring Pilot-Astronauts for their planned commercial trips to the edge of space. As you might expect for a gig like this, they're not just accepting anyone who staggers in off of the street. To be considered, you'll need to have logged at least several thousand hours in high-performance and multi-engine aircraft, have graduated from a test pilot school, have proven experience with high-speed gliding aircraft, and are in general are a flying bad-ass, dripping with The Right Stuff. Extra points if you're a current or former astronaut.

BTW: If you're more the passenger type than the pilot type, Virgin Galactic is taking reservations for their flights. Tickets are US$200,000.

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Posted by Chris Spurgeon at April 16, 2011 06:45 AM