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March 29, 2011

New logo for the MIT Media Lab

business cards with the MIT Media Lab logo

If you're going to do a new logo for a place as cutting-edge and futuristically groovy as the MIT Media Lab, you better bring your A game.

The German/New York design firm TheGreenEyl landed that gig and they came up with a solution that is simultaneously unique, identifiable, and infinitely variable.

The logo consists of three black squares, each one projecting a kind of square beam of color. But here's the clever bit -- each person at the Media Lab -- professor, staffer, or student -- can claim their own personalized version of the logo, via a web based logo creation interface. They can also generate one-of-a-kind logo animations. (You can see examples in TheGreenEyl's demo video).

UPDATE: A friend who attended the Media Lab says that customizable business cards are nothing new there. He says back in 2000 he was able to pick the stripe colors on his cards.

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Posted by Chris Spurgeon at March 29, 2011 10:21 PM