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June 10, 2008

Photos recreated in Legos

lego photo by Balakov. Available under CC license at http://www.flickr.com/photos/balakov/2377782949/in/set-72157602602191858/

It's a basic truth... everything looks better interpreted through Legos. Photographer Mike Stimpson obviously agrees. He re-stages history's most famous photographs using Lego blocks and tiny Lego people, and then photographs his recreations.

They run the gamut from funny, to cute and innocent, to disturbing (whether or not the photo of a Vietnamese monk burning himself to death should be Legofied is left as an exercise for the reader). Check out his flickr.com page for the full Lego gallery. Stimpson also offers some of the images for sale as large prints.


Posted by Chris Spurgeon at June 10, 2008 07:16 PM