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April 22, 2008

Want a used Ferris wheel?

Photo of the Ferris wheel at the Santa Monica pier

Heads up! You've got just a couple of days to pick up the best backyard accessory EVER. The city of Santa Monica has put their famous Ferris wheel up for auction on eBay. The wheel (technically called the "Pacific Wheel") is staring to show its age a bit, and is scheduled to be replaced with a brand new model later this spring. So it's got to go! From the auction description...

You are bidding on Pacific Park's high-flyin', 90-feet-tall, famous Ferris wheel, which weighs 122,000 pounds, is 30 feet wide, reaches speeds of 3 RPM, includes 20 gondolas with a maximum six riders per car, accommodates up to 800 riders per hour and illuminates with 5,392 light bulbs. Please note: Base support structure of Wheel is not included in price and can be purchased separately, if buyer so chooses. One Pacific Wheel hub included in sale. Other hub donated to Santa Monica Historical Society.

Right now the winning bid is $50,000. A steal! Why not place a bid of your own? (Just remember: the winning bidder has to pick up the Ferris wheel, and PayPal is not accepted).

The LA Times has an article about the auction.

Posted by Chris Spurgeon at April 22, 2008 03:24 PM