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January 01, 2008

Lunch in a Box

bento box from Lunch in a Box

Even the simplest, most mundane daily acts have the ability to be transformed into art. Case in point, the daily kids lunches chronicled on the Lunch in a Box website. The woman who runs the site (identified as Biggie), packs a lunch for her preschooler each day. But instead of the typical sandwich and juicebox that the other children get, Biggie's kid hits school with a meticulously crafted, beautiful, and delicious Japanese bento box meal(*). This is a hell of a feat, given the harried life of any parent and the picky eating habits of just about any kid.

The Lunch in a Box blog is simultaneously a gallery of Biggie's best looking bento boxes, suggested menus, and resources to where we westerners can get a hold of all of the cool little containers that make bento box lunches so cool.

Read it for a few days and see if your daily lunch at McDonalds starts to seem too dull to bear.

(*)Pictured: Lunch of frozen buttermilk waffle with maple syrup and Nonya kaya (a.k.a. serikaya, a Singaporean coconut egg jam), Babybel wrapped cheese, edamame skewers, fresh pineapple, and apple wedge cut like a rabbit.


Posted by Chris Spurgeon at January 1, 2008 02:17 PM