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September 06, 2007

The ever-changing store

image from Grand Opening store in New York City

It's a basic rule of the retail biz that stores should change their displays and inventory on a regular basis. A store called Grand Opening in Manhattan is that idea on steroids. Every month to three months the store is gutted and then completely recreated, selling something completely different. A while back it was a showroom for antique barns that would be lovingly disassembled and reconstructed at a site of your choosing. Now they're specializing in selling table tennis equipment (go figure).

But if you're looking for ping pong stuff, hurry up! Starting next week, Grand Opening is turning into a mini drive-in cinema space. If you're interested in what they'll be doing after that, sign up for their mailing list.

Tags: retail  shopping

Posted by Chris Spurgeon at September 6, 2007 10:46 PM


Hey Chris - I saw that store in NYC last week. A friend of mine lives directly above it. It's pretty much exactly the amount of space as a one-car garage. And pretty silly but pretty cool at the same time. I passed on the screening, but maybe when it's converted back into a barn...

Posted by: neille at September 25, 2007 03:22 PM