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September 16, 2007

Design school survival guide

Core77 Hack-to-school image

Every September you feel it...the tiny rise in the ambient anxiety level. The cause? Another freshman class just starting design school. If you're lucky, you're beginning one of the great experiences of your life, one that will shape you professionally and personally for the rest of your days. If you're unlucky, you're entering an arena where people you admire and envy will destroy your entire sense of self-worth.(*) If you're typical, you'll get a bit of both of those things.

The folks at Core77 (a website devoted to industrial design and related fields) feel your pain. They've made it through design school, and now they want to ease your way. They've created a design school(**) newbie guide called Hack-2-School filled with tips on how to survive the design school experience...everything from the essential Get a good camera) to the silly (sure-fire I.D. school pickup lines like "Are those styrene pants? Because your ass looks vacuum-formed."). Read it and survive.

(*) Damn you Delano, who was a better freshman year photographer than me and who all the girls wanted. Damn you and your insouciant comments in crit. Damn you to hell.
(**) The guide also applies to art school. Hell, parts of it apply to any school, or even to starting a new job.

Posted by Chris Spurgeon at September 16, 2007 05:56 AM