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April 18, 2007

The Great Turtle Race

shot from the Great Turtle Race

Forget the basketball and hockey playoffs and the start of the baseball season. The sports event of the season is The Great Turtle Race. Eleven Leatherback Turtles on their spring migration from Costa Rica to the Galapagos Islands have been outfitted with radio transmitters, and their precise location is being tracked throughout their two week journey.

The Turtle Race website has constant updates on who's in the lead, and the British betting house partybets.com will let you put hard cash down on the winner. Expect the betting to become more volatile now that Stephen Colbert has an entry in the race (the odds right now on Colbert's turtle, named Stephanie Colburtle, are 8 to 1).


Posted by Chris Spurgeon at April 18, 2007 06:54 AM


Well, that's pretty good, but if you ever have leatherback turtles riding as the jockeys in a power-sander drag-race, now *that* is an event I'd attend!

Posted by: G. L. Dryfoos at April 19, 2007 08:01 PM