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April 21, 2007

Artificial snow in Tibet

photo of snowy mountain

Mankind's relentless drive to have dominion over nature took another tiny stumbling step this week, when the Chinese government announced that they had created an artificial snowfall in northern Tibet. The high plateau region of Tibet has been experiencing reduced snowfalls and increasing rates of glacial melting. As a result population centers at the lower altitudes are facing a water shortage. So the Chinese government... in a perfect example of old-school "we're a totalitarian government so we control everything, even the weather!" mindset... has been experimenting with increasing precipitation in the region.

Engineers seeded clouds with silver halide particles and got a snowfall of just under half an inch. Here's a press release about the experiment from the Xinhua news agency.


Posted by Chris Spurgeon at April 21, 2007 11:03 PM