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March 04, 2007


image from Justine Cooper's Havidol ad

Nice bit o' culture jamming from artist Justine Cooper. She's created a full ad campaign for a drug called Havidol, the first drug designed to combat Dysphoric Social Attention Consumption Deficit Anxiety Disorder. It's a completely made up condition of course... a commentary on our modern "want it all" culture.

(Thanks Wired's Table of Malcontents)

Posted by Chris Spurgeon at March 4, 2007 08:56 AM


Ha. We don't think it's made up at all. Lots of folks walk around buying stuff and paying more for things that they should without even thinking about it.

Posted by: InkIsIt at March 4, 2007 11:38 AM

I saw this show when I was in New York. It is probably the one I've talked about most....actually I was talking about it tonight. It is quite brilliant and really well made.

Posted by: Flounder at March 4, 2007 10:40 PM