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March 31, 2007

Geography + Information cards

Email is cool and all when you're traveling, but there's still no substitute for the venerable old postcard. But what to write? The cliche "Weather is good. Wish you were here." doesn't really cut it.

So why not turn yourself into a roving geographic correspondent via these postcards from The Geography + Information Distribution Project? The cards come in sets of four forms to fill out, each one covering a different facet of cultural and physical geography...climate, flora and fauna, population and culture, and industry and natural resources. There's room on the back for free-form text.

Of course, nothing says that you have to be factual in what your report. The cards are also the perfect canvas for little bits of travel art, fiction, and fantasy.

The cards cost $5.95 a set, and there are volume discounts for schools, stores, art projects, etc.

The cards are the work of studiobenben.


Posted by Chris Spurgeon at March 31, 2007 06:38 AM