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January 17, 2007

Walk like a bomber

suicide bomber graphic from  davesag/flickr.com.  Creative Commons license available at http://www.flickr.com/photos/davesag/29457529/

There are two traits needed to being a suicide bomber. The first trait is to be so crazed, or devoted, or brain-washed, or whatever, to think that blowing yourself and lots of innocent bystanders up. The second trait is the ability to get yourself in the desired position without everyone yelling "Hey! That guy's got a bomb strapped to him!"

The techniques necessary to counteract the first trait is beyond the scope of this blog, but the second trait is right up the hacker's alley. To wit: what if you could tell someone was wearing a bomb just by watching them walk? Rama Chellappa, a professor in the department of electrical and computer engineering at the University of Maryland is perfecting gait analysis software that can take video of someone walking, look at how the person's limbs and joints are moving, and then quickly determine that the person has unusual weight hidden on their body.

There's an article about it in Technology Review.

Posted by Chris Spurgeon at January 17, 2007 10:51 PM