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January 26, 2007

Nicholas Feltron: A Life

image from Feltron 2006 annual report

Socrates said "The unexamined life is not worth living." Socrates doesn't need to worry about Nicholas Feltron. Feltron is a New York-based graphic designer who documents his life in austere diagrammatic "annual reports". Feltron's 2006 Annual Report is now on-line, and it's filled with piles of info-porn...percentage breakdowns of types of alcohol consumed, number of e-mails sent and received, most consecutive days spent entirely on the island of Manhattan, all sorts of cool and quirky stuff.

(Thanks Subtraction)

Posted by Chris Spurgeon at January 26, 2007 05:24 PM


I no longer worry about the meaninglessness of life.

Posted by: Sue at January 26, 2007 08:22 PM