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January 10, 2007

Bruce Sterling on what's in store in 2007

Photo of Bruce Sterling by James Duncan Davidson/O'Reilly Media

Each year on the venerable virtual community The Well author, journalist and futurist Bruce Sterling speculates on the year ahead. These conversations with the Well community are wide-ranging, insightful, and filled with Sterling's patented acerbic world-view:

I don't think it was popular indignation at his policies that drove Bush into this corner. If gas was a buck-fifty and there was a calm puppet government in Baghdad, everyone would think W. was Teddy Roosevelt. The guy is losing a war he didn't have to start and is blowing out the bank. That's what really scares his former backers, not the one-party state, the imperial signing statements, the loss of civil liberties, spying, torture, and all the rest of it. People watch the guy make power-grab after power-grab, then he either does nothing or he blows it. The more you hand over to him, the more he screws up.
He's delusionary.

Putin is doing all the anti-democratic things that Bush is doing and then some, but Putin is hugely popular, seventy percent ratings. The Russians enjoy watching him work. They think he's the Man, he's poisoning traitors and turning off gas taps to entire countries... If Bush could have satisfied the angry and vengeful Red States with some similar competent acrobatics, we'd be looking at Republican dominance as far as the eye can see.

Read the whole thing here. While you're at it, read Tomorrow Now, Sterling's book of predictions about the next 50 years. Best book about the future I've ever read.

(Photo by James Duncan Davidson/O'Reilly Media).

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Tru dat.

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