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December 06, 2006

It's raining, time for math class!

photo of schoolkid in the rain, from metro.co.uk

This is one of the coolest things I've heard of in a long time... kids at the Pott Row First School, in Norfolk, England, have all been issued one-piece waterproof jumpsuits and slip-on rain boots. Why? Because they plan on having half of their classes outside...regardless of the weather.

Teachers there had long noticed that the kids were happier and tended to concentrate better when they were outside. Parents say their kids love the new outdoors half the time plan. Brilliant!

Here's an article about the program from metro.co.uk.


Posted by Chris Spurgeon at December 6, 2006 06:14 AM


I often walk to work in the morning from the tram stop over the Käferberg to the ETH. The Käferberg is a public open space on a hill overlooking Zürich. Anyway, every morning - rain, sun, snow, warm, cold - a group of about 20 young children are waiting with a couple of young teachers for a sort-of outdoor day-care/kindergarten. They always seem happy and excited. I have heard that there are other "Outdoor Kindergardens" in Europe and think it's a great idea.

Posted by: Andy Nash at December 12, 2006 03:45 AM