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November 05, 2006

Ads in space

MIT's Mars Gravity Biosatellite

As reported Friday in the Boston Globe, a group at MIT trying to raise funds for their satellite has decided to offer ad space on the spacecraft. They've set up a website, yournameintospace.org, where you can buy ad space for as little as 35 bucks for a one centimeter patch. (Prices depend on ad size and location on the satellite. Areas that are visible to the spacecraft's on-board camera cost more, but you get a photograph of your logo floating in space). They've also set up an area on Facebook.

This isn't the first advertising in space of course, back in 2000 Pizza Hut placed a 30-foot logo on the side of a Russian spacecraft, but this is the first time relatively low-cost, mass market advertising has been tried. Peter Barnes, writing on onthecommons.org, sees this as a disturbing harbinger of evil things to come... a not-to-distant day when space is filled with logos.

Nonsense. Earth orbit is a big place, way bigger than the entire surface of the Earth, and if slapping some "Eat at Joe's" stickers on the side of a metal box helps get that box into orbit I'm all in favor. Hell, I may even spring for an ad myself!

Posted by Chris Spurgeon at November 5, 2006 08:03 AM