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September 01, 2006

"Honk if Pluto is still a planet." recap

Honk if Pluto is still a planet bumper sticker

Well, it's been an interesting seven days, being a minor internet meme. A number of folks have asked me for a recap:

Last Thursday, 6 AM (PT):
The International Astronomical Union announces that Pluto is no longer a planet.

Last Thursday, 7 AM:
I design a bumper sticker and make it available on cafepress.

Last Thursday, 11 AM:
BoingBoing puts the bumper sticker on their blog. Zillions of people see it.

Last Thursday, 2 PM:
The BBC runs a story of the Pluto controversy, mentioning the bumper sticker.

Last Friday morning:
I get interviewed by the Associated Press. They also send a photographer named Nick Ut to take some photos of me. It's only after he leaves that a friend points out some of the other photos Nick Ut has taken.

Last weekend:
The AP story shows up in hundreds of newspapers.

Tuesday morning:
I get interviewed by Europe 1 in France.

Things seem to have died down. Checking the sales figures, I see that several hundred bumper stickers have been purchased, so I get to send a nice little chunk of change to The Planetary Society. Woo Hoo!

Posted by Chris Spurgeon at September 1, 2006 07:44 AM