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August 07, 2006

Helvetica: The Movie!

If this were April 1st, you'd think I was making this up, but they really are making a movie about a font... the documentary film Helvetica is scheduled for release next year.

Actually, this movie sounds really great! Here's a description from the movie's website:

Helvetica is a feature-length independent film about typography, graphic design and global visual culture. It looks at the proliferation of one typeface (which will celebrate its 50th birthday in 2007) as part of a larger conversation about the way type affects our lives. The film is an exploration of urban spaces in major cities and the type that inhabits them, and a fluid discussion with renowned designers about the choices and aesthetics behind their use of type.

Visual design shapes our lives, and this deceptively simple font has been one of the most-used visual design tools in history. (You'll probably see things written in Helvetica a hundred times today). Who wants to come with me opening night?

Posted by Chris Spurgeon at August 7, 2006 12:07 PM