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July 01, 2006

Germany advances in the World Cup - Good news for train riders!

German train card

German soccer fans have another reason to celebrate Friday's amazing win over Argentina. Germany's Weltmeister-Bahncard (world champion train card) offers longer discounts the better the German team does. The card, which was available for purchase until the opening game of the World Cup, cost 19 euros and guaranteed a 25% reduction on train fares between 1 April and 31 July. But here's the fun part: with every round the German team advances, the card's validity extends for one month. 400,000 Germans bought the card before the Cup began, and the German team's already extended the card's 25% discount to the end of October!

Thanks Treehuger!

Posted by Chris Spurgeon at July 1, 2006 03:34 PM