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June 28, 2006

Tonight in LA: What Is It Like To Be A Spider?

photo of spider attacking TV image

Jumping spiders have one of the most advanced vision systems in the whole animal world...they see better than any other invertabrate and better than many mammals. For example, the photo above is of a jumping spider recognizing and attacking a cartoon spider on TV...a feat beyond the ability of any other invertabrate. How do they pull this all off with a brain that consists of just a few thousand neurons? Spider expert Dr Simon Pollard lays out how a spider sees the world tonight at 7:30 at the Telic Arts Exchange gallery. His talk is part of the Insect Trilogy of talks, put on by the wonderful Institute for Figuring.

Here's more info about the talk.

The Telic Arts Exchange is located at 975 Chung King Road, in the heart of the Chinatown section of Los Angeles.
Here's a map.


Posted by Chris Spurgeon at June 28, 2006 08:04 AM