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May 05, 2006

Government by wiki

If the wiki idea works for compiling the world's knowledge, why not give it a shot for government? That's the idea behind wikocracy, a wiki site that lets you modify federal laws...Roe v. Wade, the PATRIOT Act, The Digital Millennium Copyright Act, even the Constitution. For instance, here's the Second Amendment, as crafted by the wikocracy community:

No person who has been unanimously judged by a jury of his peers to suffer from serious mental illness may own a firearm of any nature, nor can those convicted of any violent crime in any jurisdiction whether within or without the United States of America. Citizens may possess any type of firearm including but not limited to pistols, assault rifes and machine guns. The possession by any entity within the United States of Chemical or Biological weaponry is prohibited by this amendment. The United States military shall not have the power to possess any weaponry which its citizens do not themselves have the power to possess, particularly nuclear or radiologial weaponry. Congress shall have the right to increase, reduce or eliminate the stock of such weapons as it sees fit through appropriate legislation and the ratification of international conventions. Citizens may not possess weapons of mass destruction, except those with substantial nonweapon uses, including but not limited to airplanes.

Posted by Chris Spurgeon at May 5, 2006 09:26 PM

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