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April 29, 2006

The funniest podcast you'll be ashamed of yourself for enjoying

Ouch logo

I have just discovered, and am now addicted to, Ouch!, a podcast from the BBC dealing with disability. The thing is hilarious, with some of the darkest humor to be found anywhere on the net. A few examples...

The regular episodes of "Vegetable, Vegetable, or Vegetable", where the hosts have 90 seconds to figure out the mystery caller's disability ("Do you have flippers for hands? Can you control your bladder?")

The saccharine sweet theme song, designed to make disabled people "just feel good about being themselves"

The way the program IDs are all voiced by people with speech impediments.

The program is hosted by actor Mat Fraser and comedian Liz Carr (who, yes, are both disabled, as are virtually the entire Ouch! staff) and the overall style of the show (and the accompanying website) is described by one listener as 'post rant'... by, for, and about people that have passed through the "Oh God, why me?" phase of their disability and are now just living their lives.

"But", I hear you ask "is it alright for me to listen to this, and laugh?" I think the folks at Ouch! would be delighted if that question didn't even occur to you.


Posted by Chris Spurgeon at April 29, 2006 02:47 PM

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