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March 30, 2006

Bruce Sterling on life at the Art Center College of Design

Bruce Sterling spent the last year as "Visionary in Residence" at the Art Center College of Design, a wonderful little design school in Pasadena.

Sterling wrote a touching essay about his year at Art Center, and about the place's power to transform and inspire:

Those students work harder than oxen. By show time at the end of the term, they're physically collapsing from their own ambitions. They grieve. They tremble with burnout. They slumber on the library carpets. They change a lot. Designerhood steals over them. It's like character transformation in a novel. That ditzy illustration chick, who shambled in wearing her Goodwill dresses, somehow develops her own look; she's still a freak, but now she's all together about it. That digital-arts kid, twitchy from his misspent youth of computer games, somehow learns to exude geek chic. He once had a thousand-yard stare. Now he's got the polished arched-eyebrow look of the cell-phone techie on Verizon billboards. You can't teach that to anyone--it's self-inflicted. What happened to them? They have recognized certain aspects of their pre-designer selves that, to their newly trained eyes, are no longer apt and fitting. So they prune those parts off. They take the gum eraser to it. They X-acto it. They mill it down to sawdust over in the machine shop. It's spooky. Even their parents can tell

The full essay is in the current issue of Metropolis magazine.

Posted by Chris Spurgeon at March 30, 2006 08:59 PM

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